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Since 2009

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daily basis

Inverter capacity


less than 30kw

less than 50kw

less than 100kw

20,000 won

40,000 won

60,000 won




in Korea

There are some companies that lead in the front
and also some left behind.
Heim Electronics Ltd. introduced
the "Quality Compensation System"
for the first time in Korea.

Even if the solar farm is shut down,
there is no need to worry.

If the service is not provided
within 24 hours after receiving AS,
HEIM will compensate you for the delay.
This section only applies when the inverter has a problem.





in Korea

Can a foreign inverter be repaired for a long time?
Heim Electronics Ltd. takes full responsibility
based on a system of "BS-MRO".

Now, feel free to use our inverter
with the latest parts and software.

With BS-MRO and HMS system,
we perfectly solved the repair problem,
which is the biggest disadvantage of foreign inverters.

HEIM labs(BS-MRO Center) minimize the burden on employers
by providing complete repairs and savings,
including pre-service, full repair,
up-to-date components, up-to-date software,
and computerized maintenance programs.

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PV Inverter

in Korea

The PV inverter, which can be used comfortably
for 20 years, is also a Heim Electronics' solar inverter.

Heim Electronics has been implementing
the quality compensation system since 2015.

Even after the end of the free warranty period (5 years),
you can continue to receive comfortable benefits
by signing up for Heim Electronics LTD's A/S
maintenance contract (Insurance).




in Korea

Many PV Inverter manufacturer insist they are the "Best"
But "True Best" doesn't end with just technology.

Now, enjoy the "comfortable benefits"
provided by Heim Electronics.

Heim Electronics has been growing
as a PV inverter since 2009 and
is a healthy inverter sales and maintenance company
that has maintained Cretop "A"
since 2017 (2017 ~ Present).

Q & A

Q1. What is CS?

Customer Satisfaction, the department name of the Service team aims at customer satisfaction.

Q2. What is BS-MRO?

Before Service-Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul.
The PV inverters sold by Heim Electronics Ltd. are managed by
a systematic system of pre-inspection, stable maintenance, repair
and maintenance, and can be serviced comfortably for 20 years.

Q3. What is HMS?

Heim Management System.
Heim Electronics' PV inverter is computerized in the entire process
of import, sale, and repair. HMS is a computer system developed by Heim Electronics that can systematically manage inverter management and services installed on the site.

Q4. Why do people choose Heim Electronics' PV inverters?

Heim Electronics' products are valued after installation.
Because high-quality and high-efficiency are basic and
the best service is provided together.

Q5. Is Heim Electronics a reliable company?

Heim Electronicss is a native domestic company operated and maintained with a 100% equity capital ratio and 0% debt.
It's our company's management philosophy to focus more and do our best on customers who have already purchased our inverters.

Q6. Are people saying that foreign inverters don't do After-Service well?

You don't have to worry about products sold by Heim Electronics.
Heim Electronics solved these problems perfectly
through the "HMS & BS-MRO" system.

Q7. What should I do if the after sales service doesn't work?

The inverter records all parameter values that can determine the cause of the failure. If the product stops caused by inverter's own problems, compensation is made according to the quality compensation system.

Q8. How can I request After sales service?

You can register with 1644-3658 or the website, monitoring system and text message. However, only registration is received on keekends and after-sales service is processed within 24hours on weekdays.

Q9. How can I replace a third-party inverter if it's already installed?

When replacing inverters, additional costs will be incurred as we have to undergo inspection before use and supervision again.
Please contact the contractor or Heim Eletronics' sales department of sales.

Q10. What should I do when the warranty period for the inverter expires?

There is free insurance for 5 years, so you can get free service.
Warranty contracts can be made individually and through contractors from 5 years later. The warranty contract is carried out on a yearly basis and the actual cost will be settled upon the interim termination.

Q11. What are the benifits of the paid guarantee contract service?

You can receive the same benefits as you received within the warranty period.

Q12. Where can I inquire about the inverter?

You can ask the Heim Electronics' website( or construction company.

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